New products FGM launched at CIOSP 2016.


With a 370m² stand and a series of new product lanches: that is how FGM’s participation will look like at the 34th CIOSP from January 27 through 30 in São Paulo.
After five years of research and investments, the company will announce the creation of a new business pole with the entrance in the Biomaterials area, with a promise to revolutionize the market with Arcsys, an innovative system for implants. It contains a differentiated kit with a new and exclusive abutment folding device and single perforation drills, avoiding the need for scaling.
Another novelty is Nanosynt, the most advanced material for bone grafting, 100% synthetic, which provides excellent osteoconduction with the advantage of the absence of biological contaminants, being completely biocompatible.
The prosthetics segment can now count on FGM’s technology with the introduction of the Opallis LAB composite. Developed in accordance to the new concepts of composite formulation, it is perfect for the manufacture of prosthetic parts with an aesthetic purpose such as indirect restorations, single full crowns and bridges.
In the field of aesthetic dentistry, the focus is on the introduction of Ambar Universal, a light-curing adhesive system that is self-etching and versatile, which will provide resistance and longevity to a larger variety of substrates like enamel and dentine, metal, ceramic or composite resin.
In orthodontics, the company continues with high investments in innovation, introducing products like Orthocem UV Trace, which, now, brings in its formula a fluorescent component that, in contact with ultraviolet energy (UV) emits a blue light that is more intense than the natural fluorescence of the teeth enamel, facilitating the removal of the resinous cement by professionals. Another new product is the Ortho Bite, a resin indicated as a 2 in 1 product, which can be used for disocclusion during treatment as well as for cementing bands.
The list of new products continues with the universal restorative material ION-Z, with a bactericide effect, recommended for temporary restoration of permanent teeth.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in the market, Opallis now comes with a new formula, with new powerful features like higher wear resistance, polishing maintenance and ideal consistency for sculpting.

The Whiteness line comes with a new look. More contemporary and sophisticated, it comes in packages inspired by the angular format of diamonds, which reflect, in all its faces, the quality and technology characteristics that are inherent to the products.

Visit FGM’s stand at CIOSP 2016 and check yourself the innovation and technology applied in products that arrive to stay and facilitate the work of the odontology professionals and, consequently, guarantee the wellbeing and satisfaction of their patients.

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