Whiteness Super–endo

Whiteness Super-endo is a 37% carbamide peroxide-based whitening gel.
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Whiteness Super–endo is a 37% carbamide peroxide-based whitening gel for application inside the pulp chamber. The only one of its kind ready for use.


• 1 syringe with 3g
• 15 applicator tips
• Instructions for Use

Characteristics and Advantages

• Ready for use.
• Ideal consistency.
• Its formula has excellent affinity with water, so it is easily removed from the pulp chamber at the end of the treatment.
• Can be combined with Whiteness HP or Whiteness HP Maxx in-office whiteners.
• Excellent cost-benefit ratio: one syringe yields an average of 70 applications.
• Validity: 2 years.
• Prevents the gel from running off the pulp chamber after application.
• Exclusive for in-office use.


• Suitable for whitening of non-vital teeth via application and maintenance inside the pulp chamber (walking bleach technique).

Step by Step

Step 1

Make sure, clinically and radiographically, that the endodontic treatment is appropriate. Take the shade of the tooth of the patient using a shade guide and/or photo before starting the whitening.

Step 2

Make the opening of the pulp chamber and clean it thoroughly, removing all the restorative material.

Step 3

Remove 3 to 4 mm of filling material from the root canal and do cervical seal of approximately 2 mm (it is recommended to use Glass Ionomer – Maxxion R – FGM – or a zinc phosphate cement). The seal should be 1 to 2 mm below the cervical margin and aims to prevent the passage of whitener to the periodontium. The cervical seal is a critical step in the process and must provide a perfect seal.

Step 4

Apply Whiteness Super-endo inside the pulp chamber (directly from the applicator tip of the syringe) and prepare a small flattened cotton ball to position it in the cavity over the whitener. Next, seal the cavity with restorative material. Check the patient’s occlusion in movements of protrusion and laterality. Premature contact may fracture the temporary restoration and/or tooth.

Step 5

Assess the case after 3 or 4 days, if needed, repeat the applications, reassessing every 3 or 4 days. The number of application can be up to 8 times, depending on the development of the case.


1- Always observe the development of results after each application. If, between one application and another, the results do profess, that is evidence that the whitening has reached its limit.

2 – If you have not obtained results or if the progress of the whitening is very slow, check whether all the restorative material has been effectively removed from the pulp chamber. Incomplete removal of restorative material inside the pulp chamber may prevent the action of the whitener, thus undermining the whitening.

Step 6

After the whitening treatment is complete, it is recommended that you wait at least 7 days before performing the definitive restoration.


1 – Instruct the patient about the fragility of the non-vital tooth in treatment and prevent possible accidental fracture.

2 – For cases of non-vital teeth which are too weakened for removal of the dental structure, we recommend implantation of a reinforcing intraradicular post (Whitepost- FGM).


What technique is recommended for use of Whiteness Super-endo?

Whiteness Super-endo is a whitening gel developed exclusively for whitening of non-vital teeth through the walking bleach technique.

Information for the Professional

Precautions and Contraindications

• Use the Whiteness Super-endo only as specified in the Instructions for Use.
• The product is indicated for professional use only.
• It is not recommended to use during pregnancy or for nursing mothers.
• The product is not recommended for patients who have a history of internal and/or external resorption.
• In cases of incomplete rhizogenesis, the product and the technique should not be used.
• In cases of periapical lesions, there must be a supervision by an endodontist.
• The product is not recommended for cases of calcification of the pulp chamber and the root canal.
• In cases of trauma, the color may return after whitening.
• Inform the patient about the possibilities of success and failure for the whitening. Prevent the possibility of frustrating the patient’s expectations.
• Non-vital teeth in whitening treatment have their structure weakened due to the removal of the restorative material from inside the pulp chamber. Guide the patient to take care and prevent accidental fracture of the element.
• It may cause irritation in case of contact with skin/eyes.
• Ingestion of the product may cause gastric irritation.
• Wear gloves and safety glasses during application of the product and use safety glasses on the patient.
• As with other whitening gels, Whiteness Super-endo does not whiten restorative materials.

Preservation and Storage

• Store the product at temperatures of 15°C to 25°C / 59°F – 77°F.
• Do not freeze the product.
• Protect from direct sun light.
• The validity period of the product is 2 years from the date of manufacture.
• Do not use Whiteness Super-endo after its expiration date.

Side Effects

• Poor cervical sealing of the root canal may allow peroxide to reach the periodontal ligaments, causing pain and/or root resorption.