Plates for Dental Trays Whiteness

Plates for Dental Trays Whiteness are square or round plates indicated for preparing custom dental trays via vacuum forming.
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The Plates for Dental Trays Whiteness are made of EVA (Ethylene copolymer /Vinyl Acetate), they can be used for preparation of custom dental trays for whitening.


• 5 plates (square or round) with 1mm each

• 2 plates (square or round) with 2mm each

• 2 plates (square or round) with 3mm each

Characteristics and Advantages

• High translucency and aesthetics.
• Homogeneity and accuracy in the thickness.
• Accuracy in reproduction of the models.
• Available in square or round shapes and in three thicknesses.
• Flexible, with elastic memory, which does not irritate the gums.


They are indicated for preparation of custom dental trays for whitening and for protection when practicing sports..

Step by Step

Step 1

Obtain the impression of the arch to be whitened by using molding material. Fill the mold of the arch with plaster. A mixture of 10 to 20% plaster of the special type is recommended in order to obtain a sturdier model.

Step 2

After obtaining the plaster model, it is suggested to wear the area of the plaster corresponding to the palate on the upper arch for a better fit to the plate of the model.

Step 3

Attach the plate in the vacuum-forming machine, place the plaster model centered under the plate and turn on the equipment to start heating the plate. As soon as the plate presents a small bulge (2 to 3 cm) that shows it is softening, quickly lower it over the model and turn on the vacuum for 10 to 15 seconds. The plate should conform to the shape of the model, especially at the edges next to the gums, because at this point it should form an edge to retain the gel in the tray.

Step 4

After the tray has cooled, trim it initially, saving a margin of approximately 1 cm from the molded part.

Step 5

Round the trimmed edge of the tray using a small controlled flame applied with care to the edges or using smoothing with an instrument heated to the plate’s softening temperature. In both cases, care must be taken not to cause mold deformation due to overheating. It is suggested to carry out the rounding with the tray placed over the model.

Step 6

Keep the tray on the model until handing it in to the patient and instruct them on the need to wash it before use.

Information for the Professional

Precautions and contraindications

• Use the plates for dental trays only as specified in the Instructions for Use.
• The product is indicated for professional use only.
• During the vacuum-forming process and shortly after the molding, avoid touching the plate with bare hands. The material may retain heat for some time and cause discomfort or burns.

Preservation and storage

• Always keep the product in its original packaging, properly closed.
• The validity period is 5 years from the date of manufacture.
• Do not use the product after its expiration date.