Condac 37 is an water-based gel containing phosphoric acid at 37%
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Condac 37 presents excellent results in etching of the enamel and dentin to improve the adhesion of the restorative materials to the tooth.


• 3 syringes with 2.5 ml each
• 3 applicator tips

Characteristics and Advantages

• Low viscosity gel with a thixotropic property.
• Blue dye, which facilitates its visualization and control during application.
• Affinity with water, allowing easy removal after the etching.
• Does not run off the site where it is applied


• Etching of the enamel and dentin to improve the adhesion of the restorative materials to the tooth.

Step by Step

Step 1

Prepare the region to be etched by cleaning and drying it. If necessary, protect the cavity with suitable material before etching.

Step 2

Apply Condac 37 to the area to be etched and wait for a period of 15 seconds.

Step 3

Wash the surface with plenty of water and dry the cavity in such a manner that the dentin does not become dehydrated.


What is the application time for 37% phosphoric acid gel?

30-37% phosphoric acid gel should be applied to the edges of the enamel, internal enamel, and dentin for around 15 seconds, regardless of the age of the patient and cavity depth.

What is the importance of acid etching to the dental structure?

Adequate etching of the enamel and dentin and the subsequent hybridization of these confers sufficient retention to the restorations, enables achievement of an adequate seal, and reinforces the remaining tooth structure.

Information for the Professional

Precautions and Contraindications

• Strongly acidic product.
• During handling of the product, the professional must wear gloves and safety glasses.
• The patient must use an apron so that there is no contact with the skin or clothing, and also wear safety glasses.
• Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accident, wash with plenty of water and, if necessary, seek a doctor.
• Avoid handling the product over or very near the patient.
• In case of contact with the skin and soft tissues of the oral cavity, wash immediately with water.
• Protect the adjacent teeth with a polyester strip or light-curing barrier (e.g. Top dam) on areas where etching is not desired.
• Make sure the applicator tip is unobstructed and the syringe is functioning well before starting application of the product.

Side effects

• Leaving the product on the tooth surface for longer than the specified time may cause excessive demineralization.

Preservation and Storage

• Always keep the product in its original packaging, properly closed.
• Store the product at temperatures of 5 to 30° C.
• Do not freeze the product.
• The validity period of Condac 37 is 2 years from the date of manufacture.
• Do not use the product after the expiration date.