Whiteness challenging cases – hypoplastic spots on enamel

Authors: Prof. Dr. Alexander Nishida e Prof. Dr. Carlos Francci – Brazil

Anterior teeth chromatic deficiencies cause a huge impact in the smile esthetics and are, in most cases, the patients’ chief complaint. The whitening treatment is an efficient and conservative way to solve most cases.

FGM has a complete line of whitening systems: in-office, supervised at-home, for non-vital teeth and stain remover. The Whiteness line has been developed to achieve excellent results in both simple and challenging cases.

Through the micro abrasion technique associated with tooth whitening, it is possible to give back to patients white and healthy teeth. The 2 techniques combined solve esthetic problems in a minimally invasive way, promoting a comfortable, accessible treatment, while maintaining the integrity of the teeth.

Case Report: Some dental staining is due to the ingestion of fluorides during the teeth formation phase and causes white spots in the superficial structure of the tooth. In those cases, a micro-abrasion treatment is recommended. The technique is minimally invasive and uses an acid and abrasive product leading to immediate and permanent results with imperceptible loss of enamel. The technique can still be associated with dental whitening so as to decrease the perception of the opaque or pigmented areas. Check a surprising case of those two techniques associated.


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