Punctuality pleases patients.

It is not common to find somebody that likes delays. People in general prefer service providers that, most of the time, meet the scheduled time. Why would this be different at the dental office?

A recent study by the consulting firm Mintel shows that Brazilians struggle with the lack of time. According to this company, at least one third of the Brazilians avoid places with lines and 22% declared high interest in products or services that would help them to save time. In other words, there is no room for delays.

In times when home budgets get tighter and tighter, which is the case in this economic crisis in the country, a hint to the dentists to get even higher trust and preference from their patients is to honor the time scheduled for the appointments.

Specialists – Punctuality is part of good service, according to Marcos Eduardo Saraiva – Professor of Marketing at PUC-SP (Catholic University of Sao Paulo). For him, the issue is not to lose the customer for that reason. “The loyal patient likes the professional and will wait if necessary,” says Mr. Saraiva. The delay problem can be harmful in the case of a new patient. “If the professional provides a poor or delayed service, the customer may never come back” adds professor Saraiva.

Professor Jeferson Mola, coordinator of the marketing course at Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo, points out that the professional that exercises punctuality may benefit from the word of mouth of his/hers customers, or rather, something also known as “buzz marketing” in which the patients advertise to others that quality of the dentist. “These little attitudes may differentiate you from the competition”, adds professor Mola.
Via ABO (Brazilian Odontology Association)

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