THE first KOL was a success!

On August 21, 22 and 23, we received the visit of 20 key opinion leaders in dentistry from 12 countries in Latin America such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, as well as Brazil. They came specialy to participate in the first edition of KOL – Key Opinion Leaders Meeting.

The event, which aimed at strengthening the relationship with internationally renowned professionals and disseminating knowledge and exchange of scientific and technical experiences, was attended and mediated by Prof. Dr. Alessandro Loguércio, one of the largest researchers in the field of dentistry in Latin America.

The participants had an immersion in our launches, and were able to know a little more about the exclusive APS technology and the implant system, Arcsys, that is revolutionizing the worldwide implantology.

“The technical and scientific capacity to develop something so innovative and technological undoubtedly positions FGM on a par with the great world players.” Dr. Victor Said – Mexico.


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