FGM Among the Largest Players in Dental Industry


FGM’s participation at the 36º International Dental Show was an important step for the new market expansion project. This year, the event attracted almost 140 K visitors from 151 countries, the largest global display for big companies in dental industry.

In this scenario of great opportunities, FGM has expanded its international presence by receiving the visit of distributors from dozens of countries, including the ones which the company already does business with, and also new important prospects from Latin America, Middle East and Europe. “Our participation in the event was so effective that we have anticipated our distribution target of over 100 countries”, says Francisco Bastiani, the Export Sales Manager for Europe and Other Markets.

According to him, one of the main challenges of participating at such a strong event like IDS, is to have the opportunity to present the expertise of a solid company present in over 70 countries. “FGM has a vast portfolio which is at the same level as the biggest market players: we are sales leaders in dental bleaching in Latin America, our products are present in more than 200 universities around the world, where we have partnership with approximately 500 key opinion leaders. This confirms our strength and excellence in the dental industry”, he explains. Another big stand out point for FGM is the capacity to adapt its structure to different countries, agility in product delivery, and support with documentation. “We understand each market peculiarities adapting our service according to the customer needs.” Says Francisco.

In order to straighten the relationship with consolidated partners and open new markets during the event, FGM hosted 2 cocktails to receive potential customers and to award the clients that stood out along the year. “At IDS we were able to consolidate our relationship with our partners  and look to new markets which are searching for companies that combine high technology, quality, competitive pricing and customized customer service”, concludes our Export Sales Manager for Latin America, Alexandre Hashimoto.

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