Specialization in Odontology.

Study, study, study. The technological advancements seem increasingly faster. New techniques, approaches and scientific articles make Odontology even safer and more efficient. The contemporary dentist professionals cannot stay behind. They canot be stuck between the walls of their clinics. Patients want innovation and safer and faster services.

However, the ways dentists can be updated still follow old standards. Lectures, workshops, masters’ and doctorate degrees, continuing education and specialization courses. It is important to consider with care the tool we will use, depending on the moment of our professional and personal life, the available time and money to invest in our education.

We notice that, similar to what happened to Medicine; Odontology is becoming more and more specialized through the years. Hiring processes and tests have become more and more demanding, requiring dentists to be specialized at least in one area.

For recent undergraduates, the suggestion is to wait a few months and experiment several specialties in order to make a wiser choice. Living the daily life of a general clinic is valid to find the specialty you like the most, among the existing 19. When choosing the specialty, look for courses with emphasis in the clinical part and that count on renowned professors. Nothing better than taking a specialty course and be able to start using what you are learning in the office.

If the doubt persists, the suggestion is to take a short-term updating course in the areas of greatest interest. Talk to colleagues that have been specialists for a while now. Check if that is the course you want your career to take.

Being a specialist, does not mean that you will abandon general practice right away. You will just open a wider range of possibilities when offering your services to patients. Besides, your networking process needs to be updated. Your colleagues that do not do what you do may recommend patients to you and vice-versa. Being part of a team in larger clinic is also an interesting option.

Another way of showing your colleagues and patients that you did not stop studying is through the social networks. Update your résumé on Linkedin and Lattes Platform, check-in on Foursquare when you are attending a course or going to conferences and lectures. Take pictures and post them on Instagram with links to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Your personal marketing adds value to the service you offer at your clinic.


Source: Dr. Luiz Rodolfo http://bit.ly/2fZlUnr


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