Dentists and the end of the year.

Running errands, shopping, celebrations and office parties. The month of December gets too short in the midst of the craziness of the end of the year. Of course, everybody wishes to spend the holidays with new and prettier teeth but sometimes treatments cannot be concluded in time. It is necessary to plan and remind patients that they should not search for treatment in the last minute.

Some dental procedures need the services of prosthetics labs and most of them are closed by the last Friday before Christmas and will not reopen until the New Year. Therefore, any procedure that requires dental or dentistry prosthesis have to wait until the laboratories reopen. Most dentists end up closing their clinics during that time of the year, leaving patients “orphans” in case a dental issue should appear. Of course, dentists also need their rest!

Patients should remember this: haste is the enemy of odontology. If you have buccal problems, do not leave them to be fixed at the end of the year. Besides fully booked appointment books that reflect dentists that are trying to finish the year’s pending cases, you can be sure that, if the rehabilitation is extensive, definitive treatment will be scheduled for the month of January of the next year.

At large cities, there are plenty of clinics that operate 24/7, providing basic odontological emergency treatment. If you are a dentist, you can recommend one of those clinics to your patients, if there is a problem when you are away. If you are a patient, it is always good to know the address of the emergency clinic that is closest to your home or work. We hope nobody needs that, but we will never know.

The most useful lesson of all is to prevent problems throughout the year so that no one has to search for a dentist during the holidays. Preventive dentistry is the least invasive, with lighter treatment and that will guarantee buccal health for all your life. With a shiny and healthy smile, we wish all of you Happy Holidays and a new year full of accomplishments, successes and achievements.

Source: Dr. Luiz Rodolfo

FGM Interativa

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