A Family of cements full of innovation.

The total quality in cementing has always been a part of the Allcem cement family’s DNA.

Available in the colors A1, A2, A3 and Trans, Allcem is a radiopaque dual-curing permanent resin cement, with a variety of applications in indirect restorations. Allcem is made out of two pastes: base and catalyzer. The base paste is responsible for the product pigmentation and when mixed to the catalyzer paste starts the chemical cure of the cement. To accelerate the curing process, it is possible to light cure it in order to obtain the dual cure. Allcem has excellent adhesive and mechanical properties as well as easiness of application due to its double-body syringe.

Allcem Core is a 3-in-1 dual resin cement, recommended for the construction core build-ups and cementation of intraradicular posts and prosthetics crowns. It has balanced viscosity and adequate flow for cementing, as well as it allows for immediate construction core build-ups that will be easily machined to the desired shape.

If your need is the cementation of no-prep veneers  with up to 1.5 mm thickness, you need to use the Allcem Veneer: a light-curing resin cement with high shade stability which mechanical and chemical properties contribute for the longevity of the indirect rehabilitation.

For the jobs that require high aesthetics results, the color proof paste Allcem Venner Try-in guarantees more safety to the dentist, since it mimics the shades of the resin cement Allcem Veneer after light-cured. Both the cement and the color proof paste are available in six colors to meet, in a more assertive way, the demand of the most diverse clinical cases.

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