Aesthetic and functional recovery of anterior teeth through the direct technique with nanohybrid composite resin

Albano Luis Bueno
- Doutor em Dentística Restauradora (PUC-PR);- Mestre em Dentística Restauradora (UnG-SP);- Especialista em Dentística Restauradora (UFSC-SC);- Professor Coordenador da Especialização Integrada em Prótese e Dentística (UTP-PR);- Professor Adjunto de Dentística Restauradora, Prótese Dental e Clínica Integrada (UTP-PR);- Professor de Dentística e Prótese Cosmética e Estética (ABO-SJP);- Professor de Cosmética na Odontologia (ADOCE-SP).

Male patient, 25.


The patient sought treatment to correct aesthetic problems with the upper central incisors.


The negative aesthetic influence of the failed restorations on teeth 11 and 21 was apparent.



The presence of class IV restorations was noticed on teeth 11 and 21, which were poorly fitting, discolored, and with severe shape alteration. The negative aesthetic impact was evident, as well as the need for replacement of the restorations.  The gingival margin along the teeth was intact and showed no need for prior intervention. The teeth presented no pain symptoms.



Aiming at the simplest possible solution for the case, the direct restorative approach was chosen. However, there was a technical challenge of pairing the teeth aesthetically, given that tooth 11 needed a more invasive approach (direct veneer), while only a class IV restoration would be done on tooth 21 which, while extensive, it requires less structure wear depth, bringing an appearance different from the restoration.