About FGM

    FGM works so that people from all over the world can smile more and better. The company’s history began in 1996 with the development of the first genuine Brazilian dental whitening gel, the now world-renowned Whiteness. Since then, a lot has changed, but the essence is the same: we are the trademark of your smile.

    Innovation is in FGM’s DNA. With state-of-the-art technology and science applied to the process, the company develops and offers solutions for oral and esthetic rehabilitation which has made FGM a worldwide reference in the dental area.

    Aware of the market’s and professionals’ needs, FGM has been investing continuously in Research & Development over the years. By maintaining close relationships with renowned universities and international research centers, the company is supported by science to innovate and to add advanced solutions in its portfolio.

    FGM is committed to providing safety and practicality to professionals with products that guarantee effective and surprising results for various areas of dentistry. Thus, the patient has peace of mind, well-being and, of course, a confident smile. Aqui, você encontra tudo o que precisa para ir além.

    Here, you find all you need to go beyond.


    400 products

    With a team of professionals and researchers, FGM has a complete portfolio.


    100 countries

    FGM goes beyond borders. It is present in over 100 countries and is a sales leader in several of them.


    40000 professionals

    Sharing knowledge and experience in approximately 2,000 courses taken annually.


    Provide safe and innovative solutions for dentists by promoting oral health and esthetics for consumers.


    Being among the top 5 global brands that offer better dental solutions.


    Innovation: going beyond;
    Quality: reliable products and services;
    Scientific basis: scientific studies that prove the efficacy and safety of the products;
    Performance: ability to acieve excellent results;
    Customer satisfaction: delivering high performance products and services;
    Agility: a culture of quick response;


    Quality policy

    Work in pursuit of global competitiveness in healthcare, especially in the field of dentistry, ensuring brand recognition by clients and professionals.

    The quality of products, processes and services is the basis for gaining customer trust and satisfaction.

    Attention to the best working conditions, employee satisfaction and the updating of processes and products ensures the continuous improvement and success of the company in the markets where it operates.

    Our History