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    A launch that will amaze you!

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  • Whiteness

    More than 27 million
    smiles brightened.

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  • Nanosynt

    Bone formation in record time

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  • Arcsys

    The revolution of implantology

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  • Vittra APS

    The most complete composite
    in every detail.

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Bright smiles that

conquered the world.

FGM is committed to quality, technology and scientific proof. However, these are just a means to reaching the most important goal: the oral health of patients.

We are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges, aiming at worldwide recognition in the dental industry.

Product lines

Technology, Innovation and safety in 5 product lines. Because you and your patients deserve the best.

“For over 20 years, the Whiteness line has been part of my clinical routine.”.

Dr. José Carlos GarófaloProfessor

“I always lead my patients to the best of esthetics associated with health and well-being in my office. I use the Whiteness line by FGM.”

Dr. Felipe RossiDentist

About Nanosynt: “Bone neoformation in record time and without material waste.”

Dr. Bernardo PassoniDoctor in Implantology

Upcoming Events

“Reabilitação Estética Oclusal.”
“Reabilitação Estética Oclusal.”
26 de Novembro | Instituto Proffel - Rua Hamburgo 47, Córrego Grande - Florianópolis - SC
“Anteriores: Reprodução Cromática e Morfologia dos Dentes Naturais.”
“Anteriores: Reprodução Cromática e Morfo...
23 de Novembro | Hotel Bordignon - Av. Santa Terezinha 2990 - Centro
Imersão Arcsys
Imersão Arcsys
15 de Novembro | IOP IOA Campina Grande - Rua José Lins do Rego 469, Palmeira / Campina Grande (PB)



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