Orthocem UV Trace contains a fluorescent tracer, which in contact with ultraviolet light, emits an intense blue light, facilitating its removal at the end of the treatment.
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Orthocem UV Trace is a light-curing cement for the bonding of orthodontic brackets made of polycarbonate, metal and ceramic, which has a difference to the already known Orthocem: the inclusion of a fluorescent tracer. When it receives UV (ultraviolet) energy originating from specific equipment at a determined wavelength, the cement emits a bright blue light (fluorescent) that allows it to be distinguished from the enamel. Thus, the professional can undertake the removal of the cement in a selective manner with the aid of multi-fluted drills, whether in re-bonding of a piece or when concluding treatment. Orthocem UV Trace also has the same advantages and the quality of Orthocem: presentation in a single-component syringe, dispenses with the use of adhesive (requiring only prior acid etching of the enamel), high translucency, viscosity specially dosed for easy positioning of the pieces in the tooth, balanced adhesion, etc.


• 1 syringe with 4g
• 1 acid conditioner (Condac 37 – FGM)
• Instructions for Use

Characteristics and Advantages

• UV Tracer: when UV light is applied, it enables cement residues stuck to the enamel to be identified.
• Photo-activated curing mechanism: enables control of the working time when placing the material.
• Balanced adhesive strength: balanced adhesion to avoid adhesive failure measured throughout treatment as well as facilitating removal of the bracket at the end of treatment.
•Appropriate consistency: facilitates the installation of the brackets.
• Comprehensive application spectrum: cements various types of brackets (polycarbonate, metal or ceramic).
•High aesthetic quality: resistant to color variations over time and with high translucency;
• Greater practicality: primer and bond in the same syringe; reduction in clinical steps.
• Light curing: enables the sticking time of the material to be controlled and installation of arches after light curing of the cement/adhesive.
• Contains fluoride.


Cementation of polycarbonate brackets, metal and ceramics to dental enamel for orthodontic treatment.o.

Step by Step

Step 1

After prophylaxis, apply acid conditioner (Condac 37 – FGM) to the teeth for 15 seconds.

Step 2

Wash and dry the teeth.

Step 3

Apply Orthocem UV Trace to the bracket.

Step 4

Position the bracket on the tooth.

Step 5

The excess is easily removed with an exploratory probe.

Step 6

Light cure the edges of the bracket for 20 seconds.

Step 7

The arch may be installed after light curing the brackets.

Step 8

Removal of the cement: when re-bonding or upon conclusion of the treatment, the cement may be easily identified by applying a UV light. The cement will then emit a blue (fluorescent) light, enabling selective removal and preventing damage to the enamel.


What ultraviolet energy emitting equipment should be used to activate the tracer characteristics of the product?

Any device that issues UV energy at a wavelength between 390 and 410 nm is recommended.

Is the cement evidenced when ambient light is applied?

No, the blue light is only emitted for a determined wavelength, different from the natural light (internal or external).

Information for the Professional

Precautions and contraindications

• Use Orthocem UV Trace only as informed in the Instructions for Use.
• The product is indicated for professional use only.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
• It is important to wear gloves when handling the material.

Preservation and storage

• The packaging of the product should be closed immediately after use.
• Store the product in a clean and dry location in its original packaging.
• Do not expose the product to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
• Store the product at temperatures between 5 to 27°C – 41° at 80.6°
• Do not freeze the product.
• The validity period of the product is 2 years from the production date.
• Do not use the product after its expiration date.
• Follow the legislation of your country for disposal of the product.
• Do not reuse empty packaging.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Protect the product from external contamination.