Desensibilize KF 2% and 0,2%


Desensibilize KF 2% is a low-viscosity desensitizing gel with a potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride base, which confers dual desensitizing action.


Characteristics and Advantages

• Dual densensitizing action: neural action by the potassium nitrate and occlusion of the dentinal tubules by the sodium fluoride. Potassium nitrate is an extremely effective agent in the treatment of hyperestesic dentin, scientifically proven by several researchers. Its action is based on the fact that the increase in the concentration of extracellular potassium depolarizes the nerve fiber membranes, blocking the passage of the stimulus, reducing hypersensitivity.
• Excellent viscosity.
• A more powerful action on sensitivity and does not interfere with the speed of dental whitening. It can be used before and during whitening when the sensitivity is significant.


• Treatment of teeth with moderate to high sensitivity to temperature variations and food, sensitivity after periodontal treatment, and treatment of sensitivity that can be caused by dental whitening.
• As a remineralizing agent after treatment by microabrasion.

Step by Step

Step 1

After prophylaxis, apply the desensitizing gel uniformly on the teeth (use a brush or Cavibrush micro applicator – FGM) and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Step 2

After the application time, remove the gel from the teeth with cotton and plenty of water. The patient should avoid swallowing the desensitizer.


1 – Repeat application of the desensitizer as needed or in the case of dental whitening, accompanying the time of the treatment. The number of application should not exceed once a day.
2 – In the case of use for prevention of sensitivity during in-office dental whitening, it is recommended to apply Desensibilize KF 2% before the application of the whitening gel.


Can Desensibilize KF 2% be used for other cases of dental sensitivity that are not caused by whitening?

Yes. The product has neural action by the potassium nitrate and occlusion of dentinal tubules by the sodium fluoride, and can also be used after scraping, for neck sensitivity, or other hypersensitivity complaints.

Information for the Professional

Precautions and Contraindications

• Use Desensibilize KF 2% only as specified in the Instructions for Use.
• The product is indicated for professional use only.
• Prior to application of the product, check the etiology of the hypersensitivity through clinical examination and/or X-rays.
• Make sure the patient does not ingest the product intentionally or excessively.
• Do not use the product on gums in a poor state of health.
• Do not use on patients with anemia and/or sensitivity to components of the product.
• Discontinue use if the patient presents any undesirable reaction to the components of the product.
• Not injectable.
• Do not reuse the syringe.
• It is not recommended that this product be given for household use due to the toxicity of sodium fluoride and consequent risk in case of ingestion of the product.

Preservation and Storage

• Always keep the product in its original packaging, properly closed.
• Store the product at temperatures of 5 to 30° C.
• Do not freeze the product.
• The validity period of Desensibilize KF 2% is 2 years from the date of manufacture.
• Do not use the product after its expiration date.

Side effects

• Ingestion of large quantities of the product may cause nausea and fluoride intoxication and accentuate states of anemia (effects of the potassium nitrate).