ION-Z. A Strong ally of the ART technique.

Ion-Z is a radio-opaque and auto-curing glass ionomer based material with biocide and dentinogenic active principles that induce the dentine neo-formation, aiming at the cavity control.

It is recommended for deciduous teeth restoration, provisory restorations on permanent teeth and as a base for definitive restorations and non-cavity cervical lesions.

Its main characteristics are the high biocide capacity, efficiency in fighting the Streptococcus mutans action and its application through the ART technique, which replaces the traditional dentist drill, which results in reduced anxiety at the office chair.

ION-Z shows fast adherence and excellent viscosity, high mechanical resistance, enamel and dentin chemical adherence and biocompatibility. Also releases Fluor ions and acts as rechargeable reservoir for such. Its high smoothness allows for ideal polishing providing increased comfort to the patient.

FGM Interativa

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