FGM in Madrid: sharing knowledge.

From June 15 to 18, FGM, along with its distributor dentoAvance, brought dr. Leonardo Muniz to Madrid.

On the 15th, dr. Muniz was at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a conference on fiberglass posts and reconstructions with composites, which was delivered to the students of the Master’s in Prosthetics.

On the 16th, he was at Universidad Europea with the same conference, delivered to teachers and some students of the clinic. The public said after the conference that they liked it a lot.

On the 17th, dr. Muniz carried out an immersion out with 10 dentists on the theme “Esthetics with Composite Resins, Fiberglass Postes and Dental Whitening”. The professionals were very happy to receive kits of Opallis and Diamond Master as a gift. In addition Dr. Leonardo Muniz introduced the Whiteness line and Whitepost with Allcem Core.

On the 18th, at the Congreso ICEA, at the College of Dentistry of Madrid, he made a presentation to 54 dentists, including teachers from different universities of Madrid who were there. “The presentation was very dynamic and helped us make a good positioning of FGM in the market. In my opinion, it has been a very good idea to bring Dr. Muniz to Madrid, because it is a professional who knows how to reach different audiences”- says Javier, from dentoAvance.

With this visit, FGM managed to provide more knowledge for the Spanish dentists.

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