FGM drills: better results in less time.

Manufactured in stainless steel, FGM drills are the only ones that allow for single perforation, with no need of drilling in steps, which generates a better control and time reduction for the patient and the professional.

With a patented exclusive design, they guarantee high cutting efficiency and its lateral channels help in the irrigation process as well as in its capacity of collecting bone tissue.


They also have a geometry that allows for a quick and precise coupling with the stops. Easy to use, the stops are interchangeable with the different FGM drills diameters.

FGM drills have high performance in stabilizing and directing the perforation, thanks to its active point making the spear drill unnecessary. Another feature is the auto-control of the depth all the way during the surgical preparation. The stops kit make the depth control easier. The TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating results in higher surface hardness, lower friction and longer life.

FGM Interativa

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