FGM at Expodent. Winning Chilean territory.

On May 13th and 14th, Expodent, the most important trade show for the dental sector, which took place in Chile. It brought together technological innovations, specialized professionals and new techniques related to health and oral aesthetics.

FGM presented, for the first time in the country, the range of activities the company is used to performing in events worldwide. Among them, the live whitening sessions stood out, followed by educational lectures with the presence of opinion leaders at the booth and the event’s main stage, and special promotions, raffles and giveaways.

We had two special guests: Prof. Carlos Francci (USP, IADR), who addressed the main issues of aesthetic dentistry such as fiberglass posts, veneers and whitening in the event’s main stage, and Dr. Victor Said (Mexico), who dazzled Chilean dentists with his lectures and live whitening sessions at our booth.

Our lectures attracted the visitors, other exhibitors, several distributors and also the local media, which interviewed our team, in order to understand more about the subject of tooth whitening.

Among FGM’s products, the in-office dental bleaching gels stood out. Whiteness HP Blue, brings the possibility of a single application (up to 50 minutes) without the need for exchange the gel and Whiteness HP Maxx, has an innovative system with heat blocker. Sales were a success and the stock of several products of our two local distributors, M-Dent and Mayor Dent were over just before the end of the event.

“We are very satisfied with our participation at the trade show. It is clear that we are pleasing the Chilean market, not only the customers, who already know our products and now have the opportunity to come to our stand to ask questions and get closer to the brand; but also the customers who have gone through all the FGM experience for the first time and certainly will return to purchase our products. The event was also an opportunity to get closer to distributors and showed us that there is still a lot to grow in Chile, which now has one of the most stable economies in Latin America.” says Ricardo Amorim, export sales manager in Latin America.

At the end of the event, FGM raffled two baskets with products: one was delivered to the winner there and another at Mayor Dent, our local distributor.

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