FGM and orthodontics.

Among the areas where FGM is most successful is the field of Orthodontics. During CIOSP (International Odontology Congress of São Paulo), the company introduced two important new products that draw the attention of the dental professionals. The Orthocem UV Trace (resin cement) is one of them. It allows for minimal invasive dentistry. It does not need the use of adhesive, needing only enamel acid etching. This performance results in time saving, around 50% in the positioning phase. The product also allows for the control of work time and contains fluoride. Easiness to use, adequate aesthetics (it is translucent) and traceability (identifies left over cement on the dental enamel) are part of the differentials of this new product. Ortho Bite is a resin with high smoothness, with versatility, easy application and removal, auto-leveling characteristics and high mechanical resistance. It has a self-adhesive system and resistance in the band cementation. Ortho Bite also contains fluoride among other advantages.

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