Dental treatment can reduce preterm birth rate.

The study showed that the treatment of periodontal disease, an infection of the gum tissues – can reduce the number of premature birth in 84%.

Doctors found that high level of periodontitis result in an increase in the production of prostaglandin, one of the substances that may induce the birth.

Preterm babies have higher risk of developing pulmonary and gastrointestinal problems, losing hearing and vision capabilities or even dying.

In such study. Researchers treated 366 pregnant women with periodontitis, which can affect the teeth roots besides the gum itself.

These women had a prophylaxis scaling and root planning (SRP), bacterial removal and calcium application. One group had anti-biotics and another group had placebo.

Marjorie Jeffcoat, from the University of Alabama, has lead this study.
According to her, there was no evidence that the use of anti-biotics was particularly beneficial in this study
It was clear though that the women with less than 35 weeks of gestational age that received dental treatment had a reduced risk of preterm birth.

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