Arcsys Implant System

Characteristics and differentials that you need to know.

Arcsys System implants present a Frictional Cone Morse prosthetic interface with such morphology that it allows for safe installation in bone substrate with different densities.

When quality of rehabilitation is needed, the advantages of the Cone Morse Frictional interface are of great importance such as biological quality, better aesthetics of the periimplantar tissue and lower bacterial contamination between the implant and the prosthetic component.

But, how does the Frictional Cone Morse work?

The Frictional Cone Morse is a component usually applied in the mechanics of implant systems when it is necessary to joint in a stable manner, two pieces, without the need of screws. It works according to the mechanical principle of conic connection which is the juxtaposition of the cone inside a conic cavity with a small angle. Therefore, the interface of the metal suffers micromechanical interweaving called cold soldering.

In the pure Cone Morse systems, the pressure necessary for the locking of the pillar in the implant generates a frictional resistance that is enough to provide a safe connection. The non-usage of the passing screw eliminates the problem of the eventual looseness of the screw and favors the performance of the system in the long term, different from what happens to implants with platforms HE and HI.

Another important issue for the long lasting of the frictional system is infiltration and the bacterial colonization in the pillar/implant interface. The microbe accumulation around dental implants may lead to a condition called periimplantitis, that, if not adequately treated may lead to bone loss and compromise the implant culminating in its loss. Considering the information above, according to several studies published, the sealing promoted by the coupling of the Cone Morse has proven to be hermetic as far as bacterial infiltration is concerned.

Characteristics, benefits and advantages of Arcsys:

• Safety
• Treatment of the surface and bone integration timing of the Arcsys Frictional Implant
• Arksys DuoAttack
• Quality superior to that of the competition
• Reversibility
• Interaction between stainless steel materials with grade V titanium
• Frictional Cover

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