Arcsys Abutment Folding device: precision and e practical at the exact angle.

The Arcsys Abutment Folding device is an exclusive innovative device, developed to allow the angulation of the prosthetics components. By using it, the professional can copy the reference pillar angle to the pillar or final abutment, in a few seconds at his/her office without need of any additional purchasing or logistics process. You can count on angulated and optimized components that you never thought to be possible to use.

The Folding device consists of protective covers in order to protect the prosthetics component during the angulation process, keeping the component dimensional and form integrity; actuation lever; referrer disc which varies angles from 0° to 20° and the Angle Referrer. The Angle referrer is a component of transitory use made in polymer without elastic memory, which allows the operator to bend it manually to plan the inclination of the prosthetics component.

FGM Interativa

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