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Whitepost. For over 10 years, those who use, approve it and recommend it.

In 2016, the Whitepost fiberglass posts complete 10 years in the market, an expressive milestone that celebrates the product’s sales success and proves the dentists and patients’ satisfaction all around the world.

All these results reflect the German high technology applied and the total quality that Whitepost shows in scientific studies, clinical cases, and, mainly, in the smile of thousands of patients.

Whitepost is translucent, ideal for cases where aesthetics is essential. It comes with a drill with inactive tip, high lateral cutting power and long-lasting sharpness. Being specific for each pin size, it produces standardized radicular preparation.

Other characteristics and advantages of Whitepost are the high resistance to fractures, high potential for retention and radiopacity. Its elasticity module is similar to the one of the dentin, being safer than the metallic posts.

Due to all these differentials, Whitepost is highly recommended and approved by the ones that are experts in resistant, aesthetic and durable restorations.

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