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FGM week at Fudecto.


The FGM week was held between March 7th and 12th at Fundecto (a foundation of the University of São Paulo). During this event, the students and teachers had the opportunity of knowing the novelties from FGM´s portfolio such as: Ambar Universal (self-conditioning adhesive), ION-Z (glass ionomer cement with biocide power) and the Arcsys system.

The new implant system surprised the students from the surgery and buco-maxillofacial traumatology as well as the professionals of the Surgery League of FOUSP due to its unique differential – the angulation of the prosthetics component in the 0° to 20° range. At a hands-on session, with the presence of Professor Waldyr Antonio Jorge PhD – Director of the Odontology College of USP (FOUSP), the placement of the implant was simulated in dummies, with a step-by-step training for the abutment angulation.

Besides this hands-on training session, FGM offered a theoretical lab course on Arcsys during which the dentists could actually handle and experiment the entire system. Due to the high demand for the course, FGM provided an extra session to accommodate the students.

During such week, with the support of FGM, the FOUSP and FFO Professors meeting was held at the FOUSP amphitheater. Professor Mario Sérgio Cortela PhD lecture “The 21ST century educator’s profile” was one of the highlights of such week.

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