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FGM orthodontics. Use these four forces in your procedures.

Orthocem, Orthocem UV Trace, Ortho Bite and Top Comfort are the products that make the orthodontics line of FGM. Used together, they add up their functionalities and deliver more efficiency, quality and speed in the orthodontic treatments.

Orthocem is a light-curing adhesive/cement for the bonding of orthodontic brackets made of polycarbonate, metal and ceramic. The product has photo activated cure allowing for total control during the bracket bonding process and the immediate installation of the orthodontic arch. Its mono-component presentation is an important advantage in the clinical environment. Othtocem has balanced adhesive resistance designed to be enough to resist the mechanical efforts of the orthodontic treatment but not excessively strong to make it harder to remove at the end of the treatment process. Additionally, its viscosity allows for easy placing of the brackets and its capacity to resist to color variation over time results in  significant aesthetic benefit.

Orthocem UV Trace is a light-curing cement for the bonding of orthodontic brackets made of polycarbonate, metal and ceramic and has a different feature compared to the already known Orthocem: the presence of a fluorescent tracer. When it receives UV energy from specific equipment at a specific wavelength, the cement releases a brilliant blue light (fluorescent) that allows for distinguishing it from the enamel. This way, the professional can perform the cement removal process in a selective way with the help of multi-laminated drill, both at a re-fixation of the piece and at the end of the treatment. Orthocem UV trace still keeps the same advantages and quality of Orthocem: nanocomponent syringe presentation with no need for adhesive use (needing only the previous acid etching in enamel), high translucency, and specially dosed viscosity to make the placing of the pieces on the teeth easier, one of them being balanced adhesion.

Adding to the two cement products, to complement the orthodontic treatment, professionals can count on Orhto Bite: an auto-adhesive, high superficial hardness and auto-leveling light-curing composite. Recommended for temporary dental disocclusion during orthodontic treatments and orthodontic band cementation. It also has color to facilitate the product visualization during application and removal.

In order to prevent bruises resulting from contact between components such as brackets and tubes with oral soft tissues, Top Comfort is indicated. A resin bracket protector, highly aesthetic, makes the use of braces less traumatic. The dentist must apply the product, in a very simple way, forming a smooth and round surface that protects the mucosa. On top of giving the patients comfort, Top Comfort is very practical since the application made by the dentist can stay in the mouth up to the next appointment with no problem.

Use these four products from the FGM´s Orthodontics line in your procedures.  Together they guarantee 4 times more satisfaction, safety and comfort for your patients.

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