Nano P. Effectiveness in remineralization and in dental hypersensitiveness reduction.

Desensibilize Nano P is an innovative and versatile product designed to help the dentist in the solution of frequent situations during the day-to-day clinic practice.

The product consists of a desensitizer and re-mineralizer agent developed based on the nano-structured calcium phosphate, organized in the hydroxyapatite crystal form – the mineral that is in the composition of the dental structure.

On top of having similar chemical and structural characteristics to the natural hydroxyapatite, Nano P has high bioactivity. Its particles’ small diameter and morphology increase its surface area, hydration capacity, wettability and solubility, allowing it to release calcium ion and phosphate to the buccal environment at the right concentration and speed.

The paste effectiveness is based on its capacity of releasing calcium, phosphate and fluoride ion to the demineralized surface of the tooth. These ions can reorganize themselves in the form of hydroxyapatite, fluorapatite or calcium fluoride, with acid resistance similar to the natural tooth.

Aside this remineralization characteristic, the desensitizing effect is based on the capacity that the hydroxyapatite layer has to close the dentinal tubules in addition to the depolarization effect in the nervous fibers caused by the potassium nitrate.


Nano P acts in the prevention of cavity lesions in high-risk patients, cavity-active young adults, orthodontic patients, elderly, special needs patients, pregnant women and dry mouth patients. It also helps in the prevention of erosion in patients that have high consumption of acid food and drinks as well as the ones under continued medication.



Nano P contains fluoride and potassium nitrate in its composition, which makes it a good recommendation for dental hypersensitiveness as well, it has an excellent viscosity and it is easy to apply.


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Published by Renata Girotto Laurenciano Aguiar

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