FGM's new product, Ortho Bite hits the market this month

orthobite-01This month, FGM is launching Ortho Bite, a light-curing composite indicated for temporary dental disocclusion during orthodontic treatments, especially in cases of self-ligating braces. The composite, which can also be used as a cement for orthodontic bands, is available in three color options: blue, pink, and colorless. Since it has an ultraviolet (UV) light-tracing system, it facilitates the orthodontist’s work at the time of removal, preventing unnecessary wear on the enamel.

In addition to being easy to remove, Ortho Bite has excellent viscosity, favoring the application and sculpting of the product on the tooth. Its self-adhesive formula offers greater agility, dispensing prior use of adhesive. The product has great smoothness, which provides less friction between the surfaces and greater comfort for the patient. When applied in orthodontic bands cementation, Ortho Bite offers greater adhesive strength for the tooth when compared with glass ionomers.

Due to its high adhesion, the product prevents undesired displacement of the bands, especially in cases where the occlusal forces are greater (bands that support accessories, use of heavy elastics, teeth that receive occlusal load directly on the tubes, brachyfacial patients, etc.). Another great advantage is the fact that it is light-curing, which contributes to the control of the working time and facilitates correct positioning of the band. Aiming at safer cementation, sodium fluoride was included in its composition.

FGM’s technical consultant, Bruno Lippmann, explains that stops allow teeth to remain in disocclusion, having greater freedom of movement in addition to preventing breakage of pieces of the orthodontic device due to occlusal contact on the brackets and tubes. “Versatility is another strong feature of Ortho Bite, which is indicated for two frequent clinical situations in the routine of orthodontics,” he says. The product, available for purchase through dental stores, comes ready for use, with direct application on the teeth.

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