FGM launches Condac Porcelain 5%

0624_condacThe cosmetic dentistry market is among the fastest growing markets in Brazil. In the pursuit of increasingly perfect results, the dental market proposes solutions that combine aesthetics for the patient and agility for the dental surgeon. Thus, as an addition to its line of etching acids, FGM is releasing Condac Porcelain 5%, the 5% hydrofluoric acid indicated for acid etching of prosthetic pieces made of lithium dissilicate. This metal-free ceramic system is widely used nowadays and has important physical and aesthetic properties, and is also indicated for making inlays, onlays, overlays, veneers, full anterior and posterior crowns, fixed partial prostheses of up to three elements in the anterior region and for pre-molars.

FGM already offers the 10% version of the product, but recent studies prove that the 5% version is more suitable for etching of this type of ceramic. The product has good affinity with water, which allows for easy removal after the etching, an orange color to facilitate its control during application, and excellent viscosity, so that it does not run off. Due to its homogeneous nature, the gel provides very uniform and effective etching of the ceramic surface.

FGM Interativa

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