FGM announces in IN 2015 its entry into the biomaterials industry

FGM-01Reference in dental solutions, the company presents to the market its potential and differentials applied to the development of an innovating system for the implant industry.

If the first impression is the one that counts, the new implant system of FGM is already a success. During IN 2015 – the main implantology event in Brazil, held last weekend in São Paulo – FGM made a pre-presentation of Arcsys, which marks the performance of the company in the biomaterials segment. The excellent acceptance of a select and demanding public formed of great dental surgeons showed that the product’s differentials have what it takes to impact the market.

“The participation of FGM in IN 2015 marks a new phase for the company. Our positioning as a vanguard brand, which will shortly offer a differentiated system in this segment, surprised those taking part in the congress in a positive manner. Our presence in it, which is one of the most important scientific events in the sector, led to the specialists in implants having a new regard for FGM”, says the Marketing coordinator of the biomaterials division, Ricardo Adriano da Silva. According to him, great specialists visited the stand, with whom important contacts were made and strategic partnerships concluded. Market expectations are extremely positive: the result of more than five years of R&D with cutting-edge technology, the product will aim at really simplifying and optimizing the implant procedure. The technology used, however, will only be presented in CIOSP 2016, during the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of FGM.

At the same time, the company took to the event its already popular products of the aesthetic line, which obtained successful sales in the dental stores.  The company is already well known in the dental market due to the quality and reliability of its solutions and large investments in innovation. “The public can see in the new implant line the same reliability that there is in our  products, which has allowed FGM to be sales leader of dental whiteners in Brazil and Latin America and have a strong presence in more than 100 countries. With this other opportunity of growth, FGM will expand its performance and reinforce its positioning as one of the largest companies in the domestic dental market”, concluded Ricardo.

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