Arcsys Foldable Prosthesitcs Components

You should be asking yourself, how hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

The Arcsys system brings you an incredible innovation: the angulation possibility for its prosthetics components. This is the only implant system in the market that has this solution and allows for the dentist and the dental prosthesis technician to have agile work, resulting in an even better aesthetic and functional result

The FGM foldable components are manufactured according to the ASTM F138-13ª and ABNT NBR ISO 5832-1:2008 standards, which include the determination for the chemical composition, mechanical properties, microstructure and the requirements for application of this material in implantable products.

The components were approved in a series of tests, both for static fatigue (compression test) and dynamic fatigue. Studies have shown that the resistance limit force reached an average value of 1,725 N, five times the maximum force applied by the patient (according to the study by Ferrario et al (2004), the average maximum force applied over an unitary tooth (first molar) of an adult male healthy individual is approximately 306N).

The benefits could be clearly seen in clinical cases already performed. Below there is an excerpt of the the clinical case “Customization of the angulation of the prosthetic components in the posterior rehabilitation in the mandible with Arcsys Implant System”.

Those who have already used it, have approved it.

Professor Rodrigo Reis, M.Sc. in Biomaterials and Odontology by the University of Michigan, affirms that among the main advantages of the Arcsys system is the angulation of its components.

His statement regarding the main advantages: “The personalization of the angulation allowing the ideal prosthetics contour of the crown in unitary cases, the easy way to have passiveness in multiple prosthesis and, above all, the unnecessary purchasing of the pre-angulated components, which reduces the cost of inventory”.

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