Multifunctional components made of PEEK: another differential of the Arcsys system.

Different from all the others in the market, FGM developed the components of the Arcsys system in PEEK, allowing for multifunctionality.

PEEK is a high performance polymer with proved biocompatibility and has a number of advantages such as high mechanical resistance, low humidity absorption and low permeability.

Due to all these benefits, the Arcsys components produced in this material are suitable for different functions. The Multifunctional Healing Abutment can be used either as healer for the periimplantar tissues after the implant installation or in its reopening, as support for the provisory prosthesis over the implant.

The Multifunctional Transfers have three basic functions: as a multifunctional transfer with the screw to the open tray, as a provisory prosthesis support over the implant and as the prosthetics components protector.

Who uses the Arcsys system approves it.

Professor Piero Rocha Zanardi PhD states: “The biggest benefit I found in the Healing Abutment made of the PEEK material is the possibility of adding resin to the Healing Abutment and start the gingival conditioning in an individual way. On top of that, the possibility of making a provisory directly over the Healing Abutment is, with no doubt, practical and economical for the implantodontist.


If you want to know about the complete system, click here.

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