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FGM goes beyond and takes its world-class quality to the four corners of the world, being responsible for the bleaching millions of smiles. To do that, FGM counts on an export department fully dedicated to the sales of its product line to Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and North America.

In its aggressive global expansion plan, the company recently increased to 100 the number of countries served, with emphasis not only on the quantity of the business but also on the quality of them. “We want to deliver together with the products all the structure of a successful company already consolidated in many different markets”, explains Mr. Francisco Bastini – Sales Manager for Europe and other markets.

It is exactly the consolidation of its expertise in the odontological product line that presents one of biggest challenges for the company: how to prove to new customers that its products really bring more efficiency and safety to dentists?

To achieve that, the company is developing its strategic plan, which includes the participation in the main international events of the dental industry, such as the IDS (International Dental Show), Expodent Madrid, AMIC and CIOSP, as well as providing courses and lectures with important opinion leaders.

Adaptation is the name of the game.

As the quality of its product line is proved by academic and clinical studies, FGM has proved its potential to adapt to each country’s specific health legislation.
“We understand and respect each market’s characteristics and obtain the specific certifications required by them. Recently the company got the approval for three products – Whiteness Perfect 10%, Whiteness Perfect 16% e White Class 6% – by the European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009/EC, which allows for the commercialization of these products in the European Union”.
All the investments in the export business are paying off: according to its distributors in the country, FGM´s market share is estimated in 50% for dental bleachers in Portugal. The Sales Manager says that in the first 5 months of 2016 the area under his responsibility (Europe and other markets) has seen a growth of 33% in volume shipped.
“We are getting stronger where we are present, as in the Middle East where resins and adhesives have excellent sales results, and advancing in the prospection of other key markets.” Says Mr. Bastiani.

Our Latin American neighbors approve FGM

The market where FGM’s first international sales started, back in 2000, is strong and growing. In Latin America, the company is the market leader in 50% of the 16 countries where its products are sold. According to Mr. Ricardo Amorim, Latin America Sales Manager, the greatest challenge now is to reach total leadership in all countries in the region. “FGM is already a benchmark in the region due to its reputation in Brazil. As a consequence, the courses FGM provides in the region, more than 100 per year, are very appreciated and praised”, emphasizes Mr. Amorim.
The goal is to double the number of courses by the end of this year. Another way to make the FGM brand even stronger in these countries is to host its own events. “We have an enormous potential and many growth opportunities in the countries of the region. We will take advantage of the excellent reputation we conquered over time to multiply our results”, says Mr. Amorim.

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