Arcsys system. Solutions that bring you functional and aesthetics differentials.

Arcsys is a totally differentiated and innovative system. Its quality and efficiency are proved by clinical cases and studies. Among its main differentials is a high performance drill that allows for a single perforation, regardless of the implant diameter. There is no need for scaling perforation.

Another great innovation can be seen in the prosthetics components, always sold in the straight shape for customization by the professional either at the office or at the prosthesis laboratory. According to the professional need, it can be angled to the desired degree in a very easy and simple way.

Regarding the implant itself, FGM developed a unique macro-geometry, applicable to all the bone densities (type I, II, III and IV), with Frictional Morse Taper connection (pure), highly safe with easy reversibility, if necessary.

The whole component kit has a differential, such as the installation wrenches with anti-lock system (can handle torques up to 120Ncm) and the components made of PEEK, a high mechanical resistance polymer, which allows for multi-functionality of the transfers and the healers.

Arcsys means more simplicity, cost effectiveness and efficiency during the whole procedure.

FGM Interativa

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