Arcsys Implant System

Characteristics and differentials that you need to know. Arcsys System implants present a Frictional Cone Morse prosthetic interface with such morphology that it allows for safe installation in bone substrate with different densities. When quality of rehabilitation is needed, the advantages of the Cone Morse Frictional interface are of great importance such as biological quality,
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FGM orthodontics. Use these four forces in your procedures.

Orthocem, Orthocem UV Trace, Ortho Bite and Top Comfort are the products that make the orthodontics line of FGM. Used together, they add up their functionalities and deliver more efficiency, quality and speed in the orthodontic treatments. Orthocem is a light-curing adhesive/cement for the bonding of orthodontic brackets made of polycarbonate, metal and ceramic. The product has
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FGM: success at Expodental 2016 in Madrid.

The Expodental 2016, in Madrid, counted on the participation of 317 companies and disclosed 612 brands, distributed now in a third pavilion, in addition to the two existing ones, which made this edition the biggest so far. FGM was present in two stands shared with its local distributors, IDA Europa and dentoAvance, drawing the attention
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FGM week at Fudecto.

The FGM week was held between March 7th and 12th at Fundecto (a foundation of the University of São Paulo). During this event, the students and teachers had the opportunity of knowing the novelties from FGM´s portfolio such as: Ambar Universal (self-conditioning adhesive), ION-Z (glass ionomer cement with biocide power) and the Arcsys system. The new
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Arcsys system. Solutions that bring you functional and aesthetics differentials.

Arcsys is a totally differentiated and innovative system. Its quality and efficiency are proved by clinical cases and studies. Among its main differentials is a high performance drill that allows for a single perforation, regardless of the implant diameter. There is no need for scaling perforation. Another great innovation can be seen in the prosthetics components, always
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Opallis. 10 years old and full of qualities.

After being in the market for over 10 years, Opallis has been proving its versatility, from the simpler to the most complex cases in direct restorations, both in anterior and posterior teeth. Nanohybrid, it has five different opacity levels, composed by resins for enamel, dentin, translucent, opaque and effect resins. Due to its viscosity, it
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Whiteness line has new packaging.

The same quality that made the Whiteness line conquer the market leadership in Brazil and Latin America, will conquer even more the preference of the dental products distributors, dentists and patients. Sustainable and much more beautiful, the new packaging of the Whiteness line were inspired by the shape of a lapidated diamond and have modern
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FGM and orthodontics.

Among the areas where FGM is most successful is the field of Orthodontics. During CIOSP (International Odontology Congress of São Paulo), the company introduced two important new products that draw the attention of the dental professionals. The Orthocem UV Trace (resin cement) is one of them. It allows for minimal invasive dentistry. It does not
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FGM’s participation at CIOSP 2016

FGM’s participation in this year´s edition of CIOSP (International Odontology Congress of São Paulo), held at Expo Center Norte, from January 27th to January 30th, was very positive in all aspects. In spite of the challenging period that our country is facing, FGM had a sales increase during the congress of approximately 20%, compared to
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