Specialization in Odontology.

Study, study, study. The technological advancements seem increasingly faster. New techniques, approaches and scientific articles make Odontology even safer and more efficient. The contemporary dentist professionals cannot stay behind. They canot be stuck between the walls of their clinics. Patients want innovation and safer and faster services. However, the ways dentists can be updated still
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Traumas of the mouth demand attention from Athletes

It is hard to find a sport in which there is no danger of oral trauma. In contact sports, for example, the athlete is subject to different kinds of traumas in different levels of complexity. Oral trauma may cause from a simple wound in soft tissues (specially the lips), to more severe fractures to even
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A Family of cements full of innovation.

The total quality in cementing has always been a part of the Allcem cement family’s DNA. Available in the colors A1, A2, A3 and Trans, Allcem is a radiopaque dual-curing permanent resin cement, with a variety of applications in indirect restorations. Allcem is made out of two pastes: base and catalyzer. The base paste is
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FGM in Madrid: sharing knowledge.

From June 15 to 18, FGM, along with its distributor dentoAvance, brought dr. Leonardo Muniz to Madrid. On the 15th, dr. Muniz was at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a conference on fiberglass posts and reconstructions with composites, which was delivered to the students of the Master’s in Prosthetics. On the 16th, he was at Universidad
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FGM consolidates its brand in Argentine grounds

Another edition of Expodent Argentina, the largest dentistry event in the country, took place from June 8th to 11th. It brought together approximately 2,000 dentists and presented lectures, courses and workshops with a high professional value. FGM was present at the event for the first time with its own stand, offering courses, lectures and demonstrations
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Modern moms: 90% of them suffer from bruxism

Facing a competitive work environment, a good deal of guilty for not having enough time to spend with the kids and in constant anxiety due to general violence, women are suffering from craniofacial pain. The psychological and physical reasons are still being studied, but it is a fact, backed by worldwide researches, that 90% of
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Dental treatment can reduce preterm birth rate.

The study showed that the treatment of periodontal disease, an infection of the gum tissues – can reduce the number of premature birth in 84%. Doctors found that high level of periodontitis result in an increase in the production of prostaglandin, one of the substances that may induce the birth. Preterm babies have higher risk
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FGM receives the Logistics Efficiency Infraero Award

Last March, FGM Dental Products, was the winner of the Logistics Efficiency Infraero Award, by keeping the top position of the ranking evaluated by the Brazilian Government Airport Authority, in the Medical/Dential Products category. The goal of this award is to incentive importers, exporters, custom brokers, freight forwarders and ground transportation companies to improve their
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congresso PERU

FGM reinforces its leadership in Peru.

In May, FGM was present at the most important dental congress of the dentistry segment in Peru, the International Congress of Oral Rehabilitation. The event, which took place on 26, 27 and 28, brought together over 4,000 dentists and offered lectures and courses with renowned professionals from across Europe, which crowded Lima’s new Convention Center.
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expodent chile

FGM at Expodent. Winning Chilean territory.

On May 13th and 14th, Expodent, the most important trade show for the dental sector, which took place in Chile. It brought together technological innovations, specialized professionals and new techniques related to health and oral aesthetics. FGM presented, for the first time in the country, the range of activities the company is used to performing in
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Periodontics and its influence on the aspects of systemic health.

Periodontal disease is an aggravating factor for systemic health Periodontitis treatment is fundamental in reducing heart attack, pulmonary complications and diabetes risks, as well as the preterm birth probability. Dentists, the main responsible for the mouth care, must be fully aware of the infectious diseases in order to prevent systemic situations from developing or evolving.
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FGM at AMIC. A presence worth taking one’s sombrero off.

Once again, FGM’s participation at AMIC Dental (largest and most important dental trade show in Mexico) was a success. Among the 15 lectures carried out in the 5-day event, the highlights were the traditional lectures with live dental whitening in the booth, which attracted many Mexican dentists. For the first time, FGM took part in
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The importance of dental whitening for the valorization of orthodontic results.

Dental Whitening during Orthodontics Treatment. Dr. Leonardo Muniz, from Salvador, BA, Brazil, in a partnership with Dr. Mayra Seixas, has produced a very interesting video on the importance of dental whitening to valorize orthodontic results. The video shows a clinical case of whitening carried out during the orthodontic treatment of a patient that had difficulties
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capa blog-01

TMD: Diagnostics, treatment and scientific advances

3D image exams and advances in the study of articular prosthesis are the greatest differential for the treatment of TMD. In spite of being one of the most common orofacial pains in the population in general, there is still lack of enough specific knowledge for the dentist in relation to the diagnostics and treatment of
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FGM will be present in four of the most important events in Latin America.

During the upcoming months of May and June, FGM will be present as an exhibitor in four important dentistry events in Latin America, reinforcing its brand and market leadership of over 15 years. From May 4th to 8th, AMIC, the second largest trade show of dentistry in Latin America, takes place in Mexico. With more
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