Whitening of vital teeth by the mixed technique

AUTHOR: Paulo Henrique Fagundes, Maria Goretti Brito, Mônica Rosas, Pricila Facchinetti, Fillipe Cardoso and Leonardo Muniz
Leonardo Muniz- Mestre em Clínica Odontológica (UFBA-BA);- Professor de Clínica Integrada (EBMSP-BA);- Coordenador de Cursos de Estética (ABO-BA e Instituto Prime-BA).Paulo Henrique Fagundes- Especialista em Prótese Dentária (Instituto Prime-BA);- Pós-Graduado em Periodontia (EBMSP-BA);- Professor dos Cursos de Estética (ABO-BA e Instituto Prime-BA).Maria Goretti Brito- Especialista e Mestre em Odontopediatria (USP-SP);- Doutora em Saúde Pública (Instituto de Saúde Pública UFBA-BA);- Professora Associada da disciplina de Odontopediatria e Coordenadora da Clínica Materno Infantil (UFBA-BA).Mônica Rosas- Especialista em Ortodontia (CEBEO-BA).- Coordenadora do Curso de Aperfeiçoamento em Odontologia Estética Multidisciplinar (APCD Regional Americana-SP).Pricila Facchinetti- Professora dos Cursos de Estética (ABO-BA e Instituto Prime-BA).Fillipe Cardoso- Professor dos Cursos de Estética (ABO-BA e Instituto Prime-BA).

Female patient, 24.


Yellowish color of the teeth.


Teeth with moderately saturated yellow color.



Teeth and gums were healthy and there was no need for clinical intervention prior to whitening.



The proposed treatment was whitening by using the mixed technique, with two sessions performed for application of Whiteness HP Blue 35% gel for 40 minutes and 3 weeks using Whiteness Perfect 16% gel for two hours a day.

“We, from the Nature Design, have been using FGM’s whitening products for a very long time. In addition to the excellent aesthetic results, tooth sensitivity is moderate to absent in most patients. ”